meet our team members

We are usually a team of two on board, captain and a mate. We’ll guide you in the adventure of your life in the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Select your favorite catamaran tour and let’s set sail together.

Capt. Mike

Originally from  Dusseldorf, Germany, Capt. Mike has been living in the Carribbean for over 25 years so he knows this waters very well. He will keep you entertained with a lot of local knowledge and interesting stories from his rich experience of working at sea.

Capt. Dennis

Capt. Dennis has worked on large superyachts for over 6 years and will keep you entertained with stories from the world of the rich and famous. Wanna know who owns that 300 milion yacht anchored in Simpson Bay? He’s the man to ask.


Meet Elmira, the galley queen and master of grog aboard our fine vessel. With a skillet in one hand and a spyglass in the other, she’s Captain Mike’s trusted right hand. Elmira’s hearty feasts and bottomless rum keep our crew shipshape and singing sea shanties till dawn!


Meet Adrian, our tech-savvy shipmate aboard the Catamaran. He navigates the treacherous waters of cyberspace, fending off digital sea monsters and patching up leaks in our website’s hull. Arrr, he be the wind in our Wi-Fi sails, keepin’ our virtual cannons primed and our HTML cannons loaded!

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